On one of the numerous trips I have taken to get the place ready for you, I was lucky to be invited over the cockpit!

That’s how it all unfolded:

When flying, I prefer the aisle side.

Before the plane door closed, moments before you hear “you boarded a flight to Miami, this is your last chance to get off”, I had seen that the pilot door was still opened.

Been in love with aviation (I use to be a flight instructor in the 80s), I enjoy all related themes, one of which you will find in the office den area of the Miami Beach seasonal apartment for rent.

I grabbed my camera and the zoom focal I had set by default and started shooting a few pictures.

One man was standing over by the cockpit door and started looking into my direction. He then went to speak to the pilot, then back and pointed his index finger at me “come here style movement” (sorry I just lack the vocabulary for this particular expression).

I kind of panicked thinking that I was about to have my camera confiscated or some crazy thing. Heck nowadays, if they can de-bord you it seems that anything is possible!

So, I obeyed and walked up there. The gentlemen said that I wasn’t supposed to take pictures. He then said he was joking, pilot invited me to a treat: I sat on the left pilot in command seat (left side).

This is the photo I took, courtesy American Airline, Captain Latane and Co-pilot Caesar (respective last names left off here for privacy sake).

During that same flight, I also took the night flight bluish picture while most passengers were asleep, or dived into some movie helping kill the trans-atlantic 9+ hours flight from Paris to Miami.

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